Looking for a Chapel Hill Fence Company?

Having a fence installed on your commercial or residential property requires looking into the options available in terms of choosing a Chapel Hill fence company. At Freedom Fence Builders, we service home- and commercial property-owners in Chapel Hill, NC, and have been doing so for two generations. We are familiar with the area and with the types of fencing that our customers want. If you need a top-notch fence contractor for your fence repair or installation project, please get in touch with us.

Our Chapel Hill Fence Builders Install Custom Fences of All Types

Your yard or commercial property might not be exactly like the others in your immediate area. At Freedom Fence Builders, a full-service Chapel Hill fence company, we work with each client to be sure that they get the custom fence that is perfect for their property, home, and yard. We offer several different types of fencing:

Aluminum Fence: Our aluminum fences look similar to the wrought-iron fencing that surrounds many upscale properties in North Carolina. They provide an attractive, luxurious look while also being a very functional fence for security around a commercial property, yard, or pool.

Vinyl Fence: If a privacy fence is what you’re looking for, consider having a vinyl fence installed. These are great for homes with pets or children, or for commercial properties who would rather keep parts of their property out of the public eye. Vinyl is low-maintenance and easy to keep looking attractive.

Wood Fence: A wood fence can be installed as a privacy fence or as an open picket fence, depending on your needs. Regular maintenance will keep it looking great and adding value to your home or property while being a good way to keep pets, children, and your business secure.

Chain-Link Fence: A chain-link fence is very versatile and stands up well to inclement weather. It’s also one of the most economical options for securing a yard or property. Chain-link fencing keeps kids and pets safe, and it doesn’t hide attractive surroundings.
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If you’re ready to add beauty and security to your Apex home with a custom built fence, Freedom Fence Builders LLC is only a phone call away. With the help of our expert team, you can enclose your yard in style.

A Fence Consultation Is Your First Step

If you have been looking for the best Chapel Hill fence company, you have come to the right place. Our fence designers and builders have a high reputation in the Research Triangle area, and we would be happy to call you one of our customers. You’ll find that our customer service, experience, and skill sets are impeccable. Please call us today to schedule your free consultation to find out what type of fencing is right for your project.

Why Should You Fence In Your Property?

There are a number of reasons why your home in Apex needs to have a custom built fence installed:
  • Fencing can provide you with privacy in your backyard

  • You can cut down on the effect of sun and wind to your home

  • Installing a fence increases the property value

  • Fencing can provide an extra level of security for a home with a pool

  • A fence around the yard makes it a safe place for children and pets to play

  • High quality fencing will enhance the exterior of your house
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