Privacy Fence Installation in Raleigh

For many homeowners, the backyard is part of their living space. Just as you use window treatments to shield your home from the eyes of people passing by, you might choose to use a privacy fence to keep your yard more private. For commercial property owners, privacy fencing can keep your property more secure. At Freedom Fence Builders, we build and install privacy fences made from wood or vinyl on residential and commercial properties in the Research Triangle area.

Learn the Benefits of Privacy Fencing

Getting a privacy fence is often for the purposes of having private outdoor living space. But there are other advantages, too!

Protection: In addition to keeping wandering eyes on their own side of your property, a privacy fence protects you, your employees, your family, and your pets from more tangible dangers. It keeps pets and children inside, and it blocks the view of temptations that might cause a young child or a dog from wandering off. It keeps stray animals out of your yard or property. It can even protect your garden from the elements of nature by providing a physical barrier against strong winds.

Appearance: Your privacy fence is built for both function and appearance. Whether you choose a wood or vinyl privacy fence, your builder will make sure that it looks good. A wood privacy fence is a timeless classic that will last for many years, and a vinyl fence will also last a long time with minimal maintenance.

Noise: If you live near a busy road or your property is located in an industrial park, a privacy fence will block some of the noise from coming into your yard or business. Similarly, it will block some sound from leaching out into the neighborhood if you have a loud shop or if your teenagers have a band that practices in your yard.

Cost: A privacy fence can add value to your home, so its cost might pay for itself over time. Depending on the options you choose, your privacy fence cost can be minimized. A wood fence might be a more economical option. Talk to your builder to find out which type of fencing would fit best in your budget.

Your First-Choice Privacy Fencing Contractor

At Freedom Fence Builders, we have many years of experience when it comes to installing all types of fences. To find out if a privacy fence is right for you, please call us to schedule a free consultation for your residential or commercial property. We can help you make the choices that meet your needs.

Contact us, and we will come out and discuss your project free of charge.


Why Choose Wood Fencing?

Raleigh  |  Cary  |   Apex  |   Durham  |  Chapel Hill  |  Garner  |  Clayton  |  Wake Forest
  • Wood fences provide great privacy as well as adding a decorative finish to your yard or property.
  • Customizable. Wooden fences can be built hundreds of different ways.
  • Natural feel. Easy to repair if damaged. 
  • Very affordable. Most HOA’s allow some type of wood fence.
  • Can be stained or painted for different finishes and looks.
  • Material is available at many different locations.
  • All minimum #2 SYP treated pine or greater is used for wood fences. We also build fences in cedar and other types of lumber, but each will be treated on an individual basis.
  • Nails are all ring shank galvanized to resist backing out.
  • High-strength concrete footings are pre-mixed and then poured, not dry packed and then wetted. This gives a much stronger footing.
  • All gate hardware is high-quality black-coated, through latch with 8" strap hinges. We install handles on all gates. Hardware is always lockable.
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Raleigh  |  Cary  |   Apex  |   Durham  |  Chapel Hill  |  Garner  |  Clayton  |  Wake Forest
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